What Does A Basement Finishing Cost?

The typical cost of Richmond Hill basement renovation tends to vary per square foot but the expenditure will largely depend on your requirements. Are you checking out the traditional space at your home? Before you go looking for a new house or make some decision to go for house extension or room addition, you need to take a look at the basement as one of primary options. Many people are choosing to renovate their basement while maintaining the layout of their home and still considering increasing the resale value.

The exact of the best renovation will largely depend on the project requirements. For instance, if you plan on building a bathroom and kitchen in the basement, you can be sure that the overall cost will be pretty high. Quotes for Richmond Hill basement renovation will differ from one contractor to another but so will the quality of their work and the services that they are offering.  You should not wait till you receive the quotation for setting up a budget.

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A Detailed Cost Estimation for You to Make a Better Decision

  • The basic finishing of the bathroom is usually included in the cost of the project. However, if you need a bathroom in the basement developed from the scratch, you should more $5000 to the total cost of your Richmond Hill basement renovation.
  • A kitchen basement is going to be at least $10,000.
  • If you are planning on developing a fireplace in the can cave, it is going to be minimum of $5000.
  • In case you have to increase the size of your stairs leading down to basement, allow for about $2000 for the new stairs to be developed.

Tips to Save on the Basement Renovation Cost

In case you are transforming the basement into a property for renting, it is better to have a separate entrance to your basement.  It will offer you and the tenant privacy from each other.  In such kind of situation, you will have to spend more money on a kitchen and bathroom, in order to develop a self-contained apartment. Moreover, if you plan to use the basement largely as the entertainment areas, you need to consider having the best Richmond Hill basement renovation contractor for the project.

It is better to accommodate the planned requirement for the basement for coming 10 years.  It will help in putting in the renovation that will offer the best return on the investment.

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Hiring the Best Basement Renovation Contractor                                                    

Renovating the basement all by yourself will help in saving money. However, if you make any mistakes with the work, you might have to redo the work and also correct it at your own expense.  Thus, unless you have experience in base finishing projects, it is better to hire a good basement renovation contractor.  Keep in mind that jobs like underpinning the basement and building the kitchen area will require some expertise.  Nonetheless, if you are planning on simply repainting the walls, consider doing your part to save cost.

If you renovate the basement, it will offer a fresh new look and will largely increase the living space in the house. It might be a costly affair but if you area able to make a wise choice, particularly in the planning stages, the returns are going to be pretty high.  Richmond Hill basement renovation is the best way to add more casual living area for the family.