Interlocking Pavers Vs Concrete Slabs – Which One Is Better

The use of pavers is nothing new. It was also present during the early century in Roman culture. However, off late the interlocking pavers is regarded as the best option for the construction or renovation of driveway or walkway or patio. They can easily spruce up the outdoor living space. Homeowners are provided with numerous options as paving materials. However, it is important to choose a material that is easy to maintain and will last long.

Two popular paving materials that are provided to homeowner’s for construction of the driveway or for walkway are interlocking pavers and concrete slabs. Both of them form an ideal option for the construction or renovation of driveway or walkway. But it would be better to take the help of an expert.


Is There Any Difference?

At this point, many people might wonder what the diffrence between them is. Both of them are meant to carry out any paving project. You may be right to some extent, but the choice between a paver and concrete slab totally depends on the personal taste of the customers. However, according to any interlocking expert interlocking stone pavers is the best material for any outdoor project.

interlocking pavers


Using Interlocking Stones

 There are several advantages of using interlocking stone pavers. Take a look below:

  • Homeowners get endless number of options in regards to color and style of the pavers. Moreover, the pavers come in various sizes and thickness. So it can be used for any kind of project.
  • Most of the pavers require very less maintenance. In fact, in order to deal with spot problems of the pavers, the contractors an easily treat the affected area. If a contractor feels then they can easily remove the paving stone and deal with the issues.
  • Interlocking pavers don’t need any kind of expansion joint cuts. They don’t usually expand during the summer and winter cycle in Toronto.


Using Concrete Slabs

  • Driveways are meant to be strong and durable. So it’s better to go for poured concrete slabs. The slabs are designed in such a way that it can be easily cleaned and be kept clear of snow.
  • They are very much affordable in comparison to paver stones or natural stones.
  • If one considers using concrete slabs for driveways, they need to be extra careful. After all, joints can become exposed to weed growth.


However, the only drawback of using a concrete slab instead of interlocking pavers is that if any problem appears, the slabs can’t be lifted. This makes it very difficult to deal with any issues. Thus, it’s better to use a paving material that can be easily lifted and repaired.

Although, it can be a little difficult to answer which paving material, paver or a concrete is best. After all, it all depends on the vision of the homeowner and not to forget the budget. However, it has been seen that interlocking pavers always remains the best choice for landscape paving material.